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Syntechem provides custom synthesis service for pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, universities and research institutions. The service includes synthesizing various kinds of scafolds,building blocks and novel chemical reagents, on a scale from grams to metric tons. 

Synthetic route can be provided by customers, or designed by our chemists.

In order to protect the interests of customers,we strictly keep customer information and product information confidential .Any information including route of synthesis ,process, technology,names and structures of compounds will be maintained un-disclosed to any third parties without approval from customers.Non-disclosure agreement will be signed to ensure information not released to third parties.

In order to keep our customers informed of progress,we generally provide weekly or biweekly report to customers,with detailed route of synthesis ,operating methods and steps ,critical parameters,analytical chromatogram if required by customers.For some urgent products,we can update daily so that customers can track any progress without delay .

In most cases,our product purity is above 95%,for some ,the purity is above 98% or 99%.All our products are analyzed by NMR,LCMS,GC and other necessary methods to ensure structure is correct and purity meeting required specifications.

Analytical data including NMR ,LCMS or other needed chromatogram will be provided to customer for approval before shipment to reduce future risk of quality disagreement and possible rejection.