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Syntechem's 10000 square meters laboratory has most necessary equipment for synthesis of chemicals from miligrams to 10kgs. We have 35 fume hoods including standard ones and walk-in ones.The 1L and 10L high pressure reactors enables us to carry out hydrogenation reaction requiring 1Mpa to 18Mpa.

The 50L reactors make it possible to synthesize relatively big quantity chemicals from 1kg to 25kg with higher efficience compared with 10L reactors.Besides,we have below necessary equipment for synthesis:
---Glass reactors and bottles (500ml to 20L)
---Rotary Evaporator
---Vacuum Pump
---Hydrogen gas generator
---and more ...

With many years' experience, we can carry out lots of reactions from one step to 25 steps.The following is part of reactions types we can do:






---Friedel-Crafts Reaction

---Grignard reaction






---Suzuki Coupling Reaction

---Vilsmeier reactions

---Witting and Wittig-Horner reactions

---Wolff-Kishner reductions

---And a lot more...