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Syntechem is fully equipped to produce chemicals in bulk quantities.

Our production base covers an area of 60000 square meters,which is equipped with reactors of 50L,250L,500L,1000L ,2000L and 3000L ,distillation and drying facility, as well as other auxiliary facilities . we are able to carry out high pressure reactions with pressure up to 15 MPa. Reaction requiring low temperature ,as low as -78Deg C can be done in our production base. we can also do high temperature reaction,chlorination,cyanation,grignard reaction and most other types of reactions to meet customers' needs .

The production base's capacity of more than one thousand metric tonnes makes it possible for us to accept customer's orders from 1 metric ton to 500 metric tonnes.The facilities are well maintained and managed according to the requirement of ISO9001 and ISO 14001.