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Syntechem is a ISO9001 certified company and a dedicated contract manufacturing and custom synthesis service provider .Since its foundation in 2006 , syntechem has been striving to provide worldwide customers with value-added service and products.we proud ourselves on offering quality products to customers with high efficiency and affordable price.

We have rich experience in aromatic ketones and heterocycles ,especically in alkylheterocycles with low molecular weight like azetidines ,pyrrolidines and oxetanes as well as spiro compounds .we can supply  compounds to our customers at competitve price and short delivery time .We have a high rate of success in developping new molecules (above 85% ).

Our service: 
-Manufacture and supply bulk pharma intermediates at metric tonnes
-Customs synthesis 
-Contract manufacturing 
-Process optimization

Our R&D capability
---Our chemists are able to carry out complex reactions from 5 to 25 steps ,lots of reactions are designed by ourselves .Our lab has been awared  high- tech enterprise by local government   ,an award to companies which emphasize innovation and technology.

Our advantage :
---Well equipped to manufacture different quantity of chemical products from  grams to metric tonns,especially from 10kg to 200kg for those customly made products.
---Creative and innovative chemists with many years' experience in organic chemistry
Our team of talented organic chemistry professionals (including Ph.D,M.S.and B.S )with rich experience enables us to synthesize new compounds with high efficiency

---Competitive price .
China's low labor and management costs  enable us to offer competitive prices to customers  
---Fast in responding to customer's request .
Customer's request and questions will be replied within two business days 
---Fast and timely delivery .
Generally 3-6 weeks lead time for a typical product ( 1g to 100kg) .In China we have numerous raw materials suppliers, making purchasing   raw  materials easy and fast .
---Efficient communications with customer .  
Customer's request will be replied in 24 hours .Weekly or biweekly report will be provided to our customer for custom-synthesis project ,keeping them informed of  progress . 
---Professional analytical service .  
Analysis by IR,GC,HPLC,LC-MS ,NMR and all other necessary method performed by our skilled and experienced chemists enables us to identify structure correctly and help customers reduce further tests to determine product quality .For each delivery ,NMR and LCMS chromatagrams will be sent to customers for approval before delivery .
---Strict confidentiality maintained .   
All communications include product information and customer information will not be disclosed . 
---Professional logistic service, making dispatch of products fast and safe . 
We are familiar with IATA rules and regulations .we can ship our goods to overseas customers by courier (includes Fedex,DHL,UPS,EMS ,TNT) ,by air and by sea . For dangerous chemicals ,proper and professional shipment is ensured to make it compy with IATA,IMO and other related regulations . Our professional logistics services  facilitates cusoms clearance when importing chemicals  ,with this ,a better efficiency can be achieved .
---Professional packaging and labeling . 
We pay much attention to packaging and have much experienced in packing different chemicals with different packages .  Each chemical is carefully packed in containers pre-selected by us according to the property of chemicals and containers  .Plastic drums,iron drums,glass bottles,quality cartons and boxes ,vials are choosen depending on chemicals properties. Fluorinated HDPE bottles are utilized to ensure a proper and  safe packaging . These fluorinated containers resist permeation, paneling, odor emission, flavor and fragrance loss,  they are effective for packaging some corrosive ,flammable and toxic chemicals .Fluorinated HDPE bottles are suitable for containing most chemicals,including strong and weak acids, alcohols,aldehydes,alpiphatic hydrocarbons,aromatic hydrocarbons,halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic ketones. UN-certified fluorinated HDPE  bottles (brand name JRB)produced by Boxmore International PLC (a branch of US based Chesapeake Corporation) are also used for safe packaging.  

Special service:

In order to better serve customers,our company has developed a Chemical HS Code searching App. With this App ,you can search for 1 billion chemical HS codes (Harmonized System Codes) in over 35 countries including China ,USA ,European Union,India,Japan,UK,South Korea , Canada,Russia etc. (Currently only include organic chemicals in Chapter 29). This is an unique tool to find almost any named chemical in the world with high accuracy and  efficiency .

Users can search for HS code by English chemical names (standard names or IUPAC names) or by registry numbers.

Finding a proper HS code for chemical is difficult ,as it requires knowledge in both chemistry and foreign trade.But this App makes it easy for any person to get a HS code with high accuracy in just a few seconds. 

If you are interested in this service,please go to page " HS code app " . To download the app,please use mobile phone browser to scan the two dimension code .