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Syntechem Co.,Ltd integrates R&D,production,marketing and trading .Since its inception in 2006,we have provided numerous products to both domestic and overseas customers. Apart from manufacturing our own products ,we also carry out outsourcing and trading business.

By taking advantage of our expertise in product,technology,analysis,export and logistics ,we help customers find the most appropriate products at the most reasonable prices,at the same time ,we act as a bridge linking overseas customers and domestic suppliers ,making transactions easy and smooth. we study and check the products' and suppliers' information including specifications,capacity ,actual output,reputation,legitimacy,  check,assess  the risk of buying from a certain supplier,all these are for one purpose: help customer find the best suppliers at reasonable prices.

We can also audit domestic companies on behalf of overseas customers,customers do not need to come to China themselves for assessment of potential suppliers,we do these trivial things for customers . What customers need to do is send us the audit contents and the things they hope to know by email, we do the audit for customers,in this way ,customers can save lots of time ,reduce travelling costs. 

If you are interested in our service ,please let us know by email.